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About G.R.M Journal

Objective of Global Research Methodology Journal

  • To search new path of research.
  • To organize peers group of researchers world wide.
  • To develop the skill of researchers and provide them up to date information in the field of research methodology.
  • To introduce research methodology to the new scholars
  • To aware about plagiaiarims in the field of research.

Rules of members and contributors of GRM Journal

  • There will three types of members (a) General member, (b) Donar member, (c) Life member.
  • One must be at least master of any discipline to become a general member. There is no any academic criteria to become a Donar member or life member of the journal.
  • General membership fee is 500/- only./year. Donar member fee is Rs. 5,000/- and life member fee is Rs. 11,000/-
  • To send paper, one must be a subscriber of this journal. Subscription fee is Rs. 500/- only per year.
  • Subscriber should send their fee as M.O./D.D. or hand in cash to Chief-Editor, GRM Journal, Bilasipara College Library, Bilasipara, Dist. Dhubri, Assam (India), 783348.

Subjects of the papers for GRM Journal

  • The subjects of the papers may be on research methodology, research experiment, research survey, research study, research investigation, research query, research interview, research observation, research Analysis etc.
  • Bio-graphies of re-known scholars are also invited.
  • Seminar reports, conference reports etc. will be published.
  • Interesting experiences of research, research tour report etc. are also welcome.
  • Review of papers, Dissertation, thesis; peers view on any research work or project will also be reflected in the journal.

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Quarterly Journal of Research Methodology ( ISSN 2249 300X )

3rd issue/Nov-Dec-Jan, 2011-12

   Dr.Haricharan Das
  Rubul Kumar Bania,Rofiqul Alam     Pramanik and Uttam Malakar
   Mallika Mitra
  Rajib Kumar Das and Anuradha     Singha